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Happy Valley Y Box

Tasty Tapas Treats

Explore the Happy Wednesday thematic parties alongside the weekday racing fever at our first Young Owners and Young Members venue*.

  • Cozy and relaxed environment for Young Owners and Young Members get-together for Happy Wednesday parties
  • Spacious outdoor seating
  • Tapas and buffet with cook out station serving weekly specials

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*Young Owners and Young Members aged 44 and below may reserve tables according to the Members’ Facilities Directory booking schedule for the first booking date. All Owners and Members are eligible to reserve seven days prior to the race meeting.
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Reservations Hotline
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Number of Tables Each Member can Reserve / Minimum Catering Charges
  • Each Member may reserve one table.
  • Normal night or day race meeting minimum catering charge per table: HK$800 for a table for 4, HK$1,200 for a table for 6.
  • If you have not made any reservations, you may still take up a table as a walk-in, subject to availability. You can go to the reception counter of the box of your choice and register your name and membership number with the receptionist. You and your guests must comply with the dress standard of the box, in order to be eligible to take up a walk-in table in that box.
  • You may also check table availability at the Badge Office, Members Main Entrance of both racecourses, or call the Membership Service Hotlines.
  • Any tables that are not occupied by the start of the third race will be allocated to walk-in Members according to the sequence of their registrations.
  • A reservation card showing your name and membership number will be placed on your reserved table. You, your spouse or child(ren) aged 18-21 who opted for racecourse signing right, must sign the card to confirm your attendance. The signature should be identical to the one kept in the Club's records. The signatures will be verified to check for any misuses.
  • Reserved tables that are not occupied by the start of the third race will be allocated to walk-in Members according to the sequence of their registrations.
  • A "no show" charge equivalent to the minimum catering charge per table will be debited to your membership account if you fail to:
    • cancel your reservation before the cancellation cut-off time
    • take up the reserved table by the start of the third race
    • return the daily car park label after the cancellation of the reservation
  • You must accompany your guests throughout a race meeting in the boxes / Owners Pavilion.
  • You are required to sign for box / Owners Pavilion stickers for your guests at the reception counter. Your guests must wear the stickers prominently at all times during the race meeting. If you arrive before your guests, please leave the box stickers at the reception counter for your guests. Your guests will be asked to wait outside the box if you have not taken up your table.
No Smoking Arrangement
  • The amended Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (cap.371) was introduced from 1 January 2007. All indoor areas within the Sha Tin and Happy Valley Racecourses are designated no smoking areas. These areas include boxes, restaurants, betting lounges and halls, toilets, lift lobbies, staircases and escalators.
  • Smoking is permitted in the open areas such as forecourts, Sha Tin MTR concourse, and balconies/terraces. However, the following areas at Members Stands, Happy Valley are exceptions:
    • Balcony of 1/F Members Only Betting Lounge
    • Balcony near the entrance of Members Box (M2 7/F-Winning Post)
    • Designated balcony at 6/F and 7/F, Members Stand I