Fun with Ponies
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Pony Adoption

The Fun with Ponies programme aims to cultivate children's interest in horses and love for animals. With a small contribution, your child* can adopt a pony out of the 8 cuddly ponies in our family and learn the value of responsibility.

Upon successful registration, your child can join an exclusive range of fun and educational activities, such as learning how to care for and ride his/her adopted pony** at Beas River Country Club. Your child will also receive a complimentary Welcome Pack. To find out more, please click on Activities and Offers.

For more information, please call 1812.

* This Programme is for registered children of Corporate Members, Full Members and Racing Members who have joined the Beas River Concession Scheme only.

** For safety reason, pony ride is for children's height taller than 85cm and weight less than 110 lbs only.