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Update (as of 28 Feb): Important Information on Reported COVID-19 Case

Dear Members,

You may be aware that a Club Member, who visited Happy Valley Clubhouse on 11th and 14th February, tested preliminary positive for COVID-19 on 25th February and was subsequently confirmed positive.  Upon consulting the Member concerned and reviewing the Club’s records, we are now providing further details of her movements on 11th and 14th February.  As of this morning, 28th February,  we have not received any other reported staff or Member case.

For the Member’s visit to the gym on 11th February, the Member arrived at the Clubhouse car park (Level LG) at 3:45 pm and took the lift to the 3/F. She checked in at the counter and went to the changing room, using locker number 154.  She stayed at the gym for one hour, returned to the changing room and then took the lift back to the car park and left the Clubhouse at 5:48 pm.  While in the gym she worked with a personal trainer. On 25th February - the date on which the case was reported - the trainer underwent chest x-ray and swab/saliva tests at a Hospital Authority hospital, all of which were clear. The trainer has been undergoing 14 days self-isolation since that date.  

For the Member’s visit to the Clubhouse on 14th February, the Member arrived by taxi at the main entrance at 1:10 pm. She took the lift to the 4/F.  She sat with a friend at a table in Food Plaza near the entrance next to the lift lobby shared with the Six Furlong.  During the time she was in the Food Plaza, she used the cashier station near the coffee counter (1:38 pm), the noodle counter (1:50 pm) and the coffee counter (2:19 pm) as well as making a visit to the ladies’ washroom before she left at 3:40 pm. Taking the lift to the LEVADE shop, the Member was in the shop until 4:00 pm and then took the lift to the G/F and left the Clubhouse via the main entrance. The Member wore a face mask when she was in the lobby, lifts and the LEVADE. All of the lifts mentioned above are to the left of Reception at the main entrance of the Clubhouse.

The Club has identified Members who were in proximity with the Member concerned during her visits on 11th and 14th February based on physical and CCTV records.  These include Members who undertook sessions with the same personal trainer, other users of the gym and the 3/F changing room at the same time as the Member concerned, Members seated at adjacent tables at the Food Plaza, the Member who used the same table during dinner, and other Members who were in the LEVADE. We have contacted these Members and explained the situation to them. These Members have been advised to closely monitor their health and seek medical assistance as and if required.  

As regards staff working at Happy Valley Clubhouse, there were no confirmed or suspected cases as of 28th February. Seven staff, in addition to the personal trainer, were identified as having served the Member during her two visits. These staff immediately consulted doctors at Hospital Authority hospitals.  All have had chest x-rays, which are clear. Swab/saliva tests have also been carried out, with two confirmed as clear and the others are due in the coming days.  We have taken additional precautionary measures for them to undergo 14-days self-isolation from the 25th February - the date this case was reported.  

The Club takes this case seriously and on 25th February immediately suspended until further notice the operations of the Food Plaza and the Six Furlong, which is on the same floor as the Food Plaza, as well as the LEVADE shop. Furthermore, as a precautionary measure, the Club has closed the gym, swimming pool and 3/F changing rooms at Happy Valley Clubhouse with immediate effect. In addition, 182 employees who reported for duty on February 11th and 14th at these facilities visited by the Member have been instructed not to report for duty for 14 Days and advised to closely monitor their health and seek medical assistance as and if required.  The Club’s management will closely monitor their health status and will provide all relevant support to them.

It is worth noting that the Club’s facilities have always maintained a high level of hygiene, including the personal hygiene of staff as well as high cleaning standards across clubhouse facilities.  For example, every table and locker is cleaned after use with a cloth treated with a chemical sanitizing solution and deep cleaning is carried out at front and back of house every day after operation is closed. Since 26th January, these sanitisation measures have been further stepped up in all front and back of the house areas, including air-conditioning and sewage systems. At the gym, there is an attendant to clean constantly during peak periods and disinfecting sprays are also available for Members to clean equipment before and after use.  Across clubhouses, every hour common contact points are sanitised, including handrails, lifts (panels, buttons, rails etc.), door knobs, faucets, water taps, common accessories in changing rooms and more.  Further, all staff wear face masks and are required to report any symptoms of flu or sickness to management. 

With regard to the COVID-19 situation, the Club has implemented the following measures in chronological order: 

 31st January

• Any staff who has recently returned from the Mainland will undergo mandatory quarantine

• Temperature screening of all staff and contractors reporting for duty

• All staff are required to wear face masks whilst on duty

• Increased frequency of facilities’ disinfection

• Closure of children’s playrooms

• Reminded all Members and guests who have visited any part of the Mainland in the past 14 days, or who have fever or display any flu like symptoms, to refrain from using any Club facilities

3rd February

• Closed Sauna and Steam Rooms

6th February

• Conducted temperature screening of all Members and guests at the entry points of all clubhouses and Happy Valley Racecourse 7-day catering outlets

• Ceased buffets and salad bars at clubhouses

• Closed the Centurion Restaurant and Kat O Bar at Sha Tin Clubhouse with effect from Saturday, 15th February

• Reminded Members and guests to adhere to the Hong Kong Government’s directive, which took effect on Saturday, 8th February, to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days if they have visited any part of the Mainland;  the Club reserves the right to refuse any such Member or guest from entering any Club facilities and/or to report the matter to the relevant authority where appropriate

14th February

• Reminded Members and guests intending to travel to Beijing and to stay at the Beijing Clubhouse to note that as of 14th February, the Beijing Public Security Bureau has directed that all visitors must produce proof of having undergone the mandatory 14-day quarantine in Beijing; failing which, they would need to stay at the Clubhouse for 14 days for monitoring, which includes temperature screening twice per day

17th February

• All Recreation group classes at all clubhouses suspended until further notice

• Closed Snack Bar at Happy Valley Clubhouse on Mon - Fri

• Closed Horseshoe Grill at Beas River Country Club on Mon – Thu

• All restaurants at all clubhouses and Happy Valley Racecourse to have reduced number of tables so as to increase the space between tables

25th February – (in response to reported case at Happy Valley Clubhouse)

• Suspended operations of the Food Plaza, Six Furlong and LEVADE until further notice

• Closed the Swimming Pool, Gym and 3/F Changing Room until 10th March

The Club will continue to maintain high standards of hygiene at all clubhouses for Members and their guests.  Regular updates will continuously be provided as the situation evolves.  For further enquiries, please call 1812.