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Arena Room

International • Buffet • Carving

Buffet Booking: 2966 1945
Catering and Events Booking: 2966 1977
Opening Hours
Sundays and Public Holidays
Buffet Breakfast:
8:00am - 10:30am

Buffet Lunch:
12:00noon - 2:30pm

(Each Membership account may reserve one table for up to12 persons on Sundays and public holidays)

Who may Use

  • Full Members, Corporate Members, Country Members, subscribers of Beas River Concession Scheme, Riding Concession Scheme, Country Subscribers and Mid-week Subscribers.


  • Accompanied guests are welcome

Dress Code

  • Casual
  • For the details of dress code, please click here

Points to Observe

  • All ages are welcome
  • Venue reservations can be made 18 months in advance for private event