Fun with Ponies
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Adopt a Pony, Be our Little Pony Ambassador!

The “Fun with Ponies” programme has been receiving tremendous response from Members and their children since its launch. Many children have bonded with our pony friends. The love of horses gets children interested in an outdoor pursuit that promotes learning, confidence and fulfilment. This season, more amazing and brand new activities are curated to allow more interaction between children and their adopted ponies. A Little Pony Ambassador certificate will be awarded to children at the end of the season upon participating in 7 or more activities.

“Fun with Ponies” programme will not only provide an enjoyable learning journey for children, but also help cultivate a lifelong love of all things equestrian.

Adopt Your Pony Now

Fun with Ponies

Bookings for Date with Ponies sessions in November are open from 9am, 20 October 2021
Booking: 1812

As at 12pm on 25 October, there are no remaining quotas for Date with Ponies on 31 October.*

*Disclaimer: For reference only. For real-time availability please call 1812.