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Wines of the Month

Three premium pours from California

2018 Clay Creek Chardonnay

Toasted hazelnuts and biscuits intermingle with melon and pear aromas in this medium-bodied chardonnay. A palate of honeydew melon and peach make it a good accompaniment to salads, chicken and prawns.

HK$475/3 bottles
HK$1,650/12 bottles

2019 DeLoach Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir

A bouquet of red fruit bursts through this juicy pinot noir, rounding off with a light spiciness and an elegant finish. Perfect with white meats, light sauces and spicy dishes.

HK$475/3 bottles
HK$1,650/12 bottles

2016 Clos du Val Merlot

A silky-smooth mouthfeel balances out solidly structured tannins, which melt to reveal a refreshingly fruity finish. Holiday spice aromas and a candied fruit palate create an apt pairing with steak, lamb stew and tagine.

HK$800/3 bottles
HK$3,025/12 bottles

Available at all Clubhouses and Racecourses. Order here!