Seasonal Highlights
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At the Club, Halloween isn’t just about trick or treat. You’ll find a packed programme across our Clubhouses full of spine-tingling shindigs, family-friendly activities and devilishly delicious dining offers that are worth screaming about.

Prost! Raise a toast to the world’s most famous beer festival at the Club. This month, we celebrate Oktoberfest with delicious Bavarian fare plus plenty of beer to quench your thirst.

A rich source of collagen, protein, minerals and low in fats, suitable for any age or gender groups.

All made from fresh fruits and perfect for serving with scones or simply spread on toasts with butter.

Perfect with cheese and charcuterie or served with a slice of foie gras for an extra special flavour combination. The two chutneys also pair well with sausages, burgers, kebabs or roasted lamb racks.

“Biscotti” means twice baked. These traditional Italian biscuits are crisp and fragrant. The best part about the crunchy biscotti is that they are perfect for dunking in a cup of coffee or tea.

This month, our chefs bring you a delicious, traditional Irish stew. Made with milk-fed lamb shoulder, carrots, tomatoes, onions, celery, potatoes and fragrant herbs, the stew is simmered for three to four hours until the meat is tender. This comforting Irish staple hits the spot every time and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. To enjoy at home, simply bring it to a boil before serving.

Our exclusive Hong Kong Jockey Club Private Label cookie gift boxes and chocolate gift boxes make for sweet treats to present to family or friends.

Our exclusive Hong Kong Jockey Club Private Label cookie gift boxes make for sweet treats to present to family or friends.

With the Club’s broad range of takeaway services, you can stay at home and still enjoy an exceptional dining experience crafted with premium ingredients and following the highest safety standards.

Savour the wild mushrooms of Yunnan. Thanks to its fertile soils and favourable climate, the province is known as the ‘kingdom of mushrooms’, with wild species blooming just after the summer. Some of the harvest’s riches are ‘Take Me Home’ Takeaway Delights then processed as aromatic, dried mushrooms and we are pleased to offer a gift set of two premium types – morels and masutake – both of which are as nourishing as they are delicious.

Stewed with dried chilli and chilli oil, this pork knuckle’s fragrant aromas and piquant flavours are sure to fire up your taste buds.

Celebrated for its culinary and medicinal qualities, this delicacy is packed with amino acids, and is believed to enhance memory and promote cell regeneration and immunity. Presented in a deluxe wooden box, our selection of bird’s nests will make the perfect gift for a loved one.

For centuries, cordyceps – which boast an array of health benefits in traditional Chinese medicine...

Rich, tender and juicy – our new Private Label Whole Black Pork Spareribs come in a homemade barbecue herb sauce, resulting in a flavourful dish perfect for sharing with friends and family. They are now available in all Clubhouses and Racecourses – take them home and enjoy the feast.

Stewing with spices and chilli gives beef short rib delectable tenderness and a mouth-watering, irresistible aroma. The Club’s version comes with a home-style sauce to enhance the luscious flavour. The 1kg portion will serve six persons.

This month, our chefs bring you a hearty and delicious braised beef brisket in superior soup to fortify you against the cold weather. Only thin, long cuts of lean beef from the diaphragm muscles are used for our rendition of this Hong Kong classic, as they have the most concentrated flavours. The beef is slow-braised for two hours until tender, in a nourishing double-boiled soup featuring chicken, chicken feet, pork bone and lean pork. Simply take it home and heat it up for a cosy night in this winter.