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Lai see and gifts

Members are reminded of Section 2 (1) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance concerning the giving or acceptance of gifts, rewards, cash tips or other advantages. Unless given or accepted with the approval of the Club, the gift could give rise to criminal or disciplinary proceedings against the Member or Club employee.

The Club acknowledges that the giving of lai see packets during Chinese New Year is customary. Therefore, the Club is making a temporary exception so that employees in both Hong Kong and Beijing may accept lai see within the first 15 days of Chinese New Year – that is, from 12 until 26 February 2021 (inclusive). Members visiting the Clubhouses and Racecourses in both Hong Kong and Beijing are asked to give token amounts and are reminded that the giving of lai see is discretionary. Members’ appreciation of employees’ service is already shown through contributions to the Chinese New Year Gratuity Fund.

The Club does not allow betting shroffs or other staff whose duties are associated with betting to accept gifts or lai see. Such employees who accept gifts or lai see will be subject to dismissal. If the giver is a Member, he or she will be liable to disciplinary proceedings.

The Club has already instructed its employees that under no circumstances should they solicit lai see. Members who receive such solicitations should immediately report the incident.