Membership Cards and Signing Rights
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Beas River Debit Card
  • Beas River Debit Card is a charge card designed for accompanied guests of Members to enjoy the food & beverage facilities and LEVADE in Beas River in a hassle-free way.
  • Members can conveniently purchase the Debit Cards of different values and validity periods for their accompanied guests at LEVADE of Beas River during opening hours (9:00am -8:00pm)
  • Members’ accompanied guests may use the Debit Cards for purchase at the following outlets of Beas River throughout their visit:
    • Horseshoe Grill
    • Stirrup Bar
    • Arena Room
    • The Old Clubhouse Restaurant & Bar
    • LEVADE

The Debit Card cannot be used for the consumption of recreation facilities and the Beas River Equestrian Centre. For Debit Card’s terms and conditions, please contact LEVADE of the Beas River Country Club on 2966 1981.