Admission Badges
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Members Racing Badges
  • Each Member will be issued a set of racing badges: one larger non-transferable badge for Member's own use and one smaller transferable badge (with a bar at the top) for his / her spouse or guest.
  • An additional smaller non-transferable badge will be issued to Member's child aged 18 - 21 who has opted for racecourse signing rights.
Non-transferable Members' Badge Transferable Members' Badge


Season Badges (Application is currently suspended until further notice)
Season Badges are ideal for Member's guests who come racing regularly.

  • The cost of a Season Badge is HK$2,900 for the whole season and HK$1,650 for the second half of the season.
  • Season Badge holders may attend all the race meetings in Sha Tin and Happy Valley at Members Enclosures throughout the season. Admission to Conghua Racecourse is not applicable.
  • Season Badge holders who have had a clean record for the past two consecutive seasons will be given guest badge purchase privilege (up to 6 guest badges per race meeting).
  • Season Badge holders may also obtain seats at MB2 Members Betting Hall 2/F at Sha Tin Racecourse to entertain their friends during racing (subject to availability).
  • Season Badge holders may walk-in the Loges at HK$20 per seat at Sha Tin Racecourse and Happy Valley Racecourse respectively.
  • Season Badge holders may use free coach service to and from the Jockey Club Headquarters and Sha Tin Racecourse.
  • Members may propose as many applicants as they wish.
  • For more information, please call Members Services Hotline 1814.


Guest Badges and Guest Badge Request Forms
Essential Information
  • The cost of a guest badge is HK$60 for on-course betting, and HK$30 for cross-betting, but subject to change for major race meetings.
  • No person under the age of 18 will be admitted to the racecourse during a race meeting.
  • Guest badges are available 2 weeks before a race meeting.
  • Members may obtain guest badges in advance at the Badge Offices at both racecourses and the reception counter of Sha Tin Clubhouse during the race day.
  • Guest badge holders may walk-in the Loges at Sha Tin Racecourse and Happy Valley Racecourse at HK$20 per seat.
  • Paper badge holders may attend designated race meeting in Sha Tin and Happy Valley at Members Enclosures. Admission to Conghua Racecourse is not applicable.
How to Obtain Guest Badges
  • By Members, their spouses and their children aged 18 - 21 in person
    • Member or his / her spouse may obtain guest badges by showing his / her Membership Card together with a Guest Badge Request Form, duly signed, at any of the Guest Badge Selling Offices.
    • Member's child aged 18-21 who has opted for racecourse signing rights can obtain guest badges at the racecourses only.
    • Please indicate the number of guest badges required on the form. You must endorse the form whenever any alterations have been made.
  • By Member's representatives
    • Members may send a representative to purchase guest badges in cash on his / her behalf at the Twelve Designated Off-Course Betting Branches or at the entrance of the racecourses on race day. The representative has to present a copy of his / her Membership Card (front and back, no need to include Security Code) together with a Guest Badge Request Form duly signed by the Member.
  • By Member's guests using Guest Badge Request Forms
    • Member's guests are required to complete the Guest Badge Request Forms to obtain the guest badges at any one of the Twelve Designated Off-Course Betting Branches in advance or at the entrance of the racecourse on race day.
    • The guest's name (as shown on HKID Card / Passport) is required to be written on the Guest Badge Request Form. The guest would be asked to present his / her HKID Card / Passport for verification upon collecting the guest badges.
    • Members may write down their own Membership number and the date of the race meeting on the Request Forms before passing them to the guests.
    • Members must endorse the Request Form whenever any alternations have been made.
  • By delivery
    • Members may order the guest badges / Guest Badge Request Forms by fax and have their badges / Request Forms delivered by courier to the designated location. Fax order forms can be obtained through our Info-Fax Service (1816 /1815 /1814 /1812, Express Keys 2 2 2 3 1). The delivery charge will be debited to your Membership account.

Guest Badge Request Forms
  • Guest Badge Request Forms are available in a booklet of six forms.
  • The Guest Badge Request Forms are available at the following places:
    • Members Services Centre on the G/F of the Jockey Club Headquarters
    • LEVADE at Beas River Country Club
    • Concierge on G/F of Happy Valley Old Clubhouse
    • Concierge on 1/F of Happy Valley New Clubhouse
    • The reception counter on the G/F of Sha Tin Clubhouse
    • The reception counter at The Racing Club
    • Badge Office at Happy Valley Racecourse
    • Badge Office at Sha Tin Racecourse and 2/F of P1 Multi-Level Car Park
    • The Twelve Designated Off-Course Betting Branches where guest badges were sold
  • With the presentation of a Guest Badge Request Form, a Member's guest may exchange for one guest badge at any of the Guest Badge Selling Offices.
  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests at the premises of the Club, no matter if the guests are accompanied by Members or not.

Refund of Guest Badges
  • To obtain a refund for guest badges of a race meeting, Member must return the unused guest badges to any of the Guest Badges Selling Offices before the start of the first race of that meeting.
  • The amount will be credited to the Member's account. No cash refund will be made.
  • If a race meeting is cancelled or abandoned, the cost of the guest badges will be refunded and credited to the Member's account automatically.

Excluded Persons List
An updated list detailing those persons not permitted to have access to the premises of the Club in accordance with General Bye-law 18 is available for inspection by Members, at the Guest Badge Selling Offices, by presenting their Membership Card. Members are reminded that any person who knowingly invites any barred persons onto the premises of the Club will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.