Membership Cards and Signing Rights
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Types of Children Card

Open Up Delightful Experiences with Members' Children Identity Card (MCID) and Children Supplementary Card (Supplementary Card)

As Members have different plans for their children with different needs, we understand one card cannot fit all. Therefore, the brand-new MCID is open to a wider age group and has relatively simple offers, while the Supplementary Card is designed to offer a lot more benefits and options for children aged 8 – 21. Below is a simplified diagram to compare the two different cards.

Starting from 1 March 2021, it will become mandatory for all children to present an MCID or Supplementary Card when checking into our programmes.

*Remarks: MCID is not applicable for Racing Members and Mid-week Subscribers. For details, please refer to the Supplementary Cards and Signing Rights for Immediate Family webpage.