Ownership Journey
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Becoming an Owner
Ownership Type

There are three types of Horse Ownership in Hong Kong

Type of Ownership No. of Members

Sole Owner



2 - 4


5 - 50

View Syndicate Registration details

Download the List of Registered Syndicates (updated on 5th of each month)

Racing Club members can also experience the excitements of horse ownership through the Club's racehorses. For details, please visit Racing Club website.

Syndicate Registration

All Syndicate members must be Members of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. A Racing Club member or a nominee of a Corporate Member is eligible to be registered as an ordinary member of a Syndicate but shall not be eligible to be a manager.

How to register a Syndicate

Step 1

Complete the Syndicate Agreement (with a new Syndicate name in English & Chinese)

Step 2

Appoint 2 to 3 Syndicate Managers.

Step 3

Return the Syndicate Agreement to the Racing Registry for registration

Step 4

Notify Racing Registry of any changes in the Syndicate composition and renew Syndicate registration in August annually

Horse Ballot Application

Horse Ballot Application General Information

Full Members and Racing Members of the Hong Kong Jockey Club can become horse owners if they are successful in the annual Horse Ballot. Horse Ballot Application usually opens in March or April each year. There are two types of application forms:

  • PP Permit Application Form for importing a previously raced horse into Hong Kong.
  • PPG Permit Application Form for importing an unraced horse into Hong Kong.

The conditions for application and eligibility to enter the Horse Ballot are printed in the application form.

Horse Ballot Application Flow
Step 1

Complete the application form for PP or PPG Horse Import Permit

Step 2

Submit a Bank reference letter (sample) from a licensed bank or financial institution or other relevant documents to certify having the financial resources to meet all horse related charges

Step 3

Return the application form and relevant documents to the Racing Registry before the closing time for application

Horse Ballot Results Announcement
Racing Colours Registration
Racing Colour

Each owner is required to register his or her own Racing Colours and registered Racing Colours will not be taken by another owner. To avoid confusion, each Racing Colours design must be unique and considerably different from other registered Racing Colours. Selection of colours and patterns must be confined to those specified in the Club's"Racing Colour Chart". The use of patterns and colours not specified in the Racing Colour Chart will not be approved. Also, the Racing Colours design shall not contain more than 4 different colours.

Each owner is allowed to change the design of their registered Racing Colours once and they are required to pay a fee for making such a request. The fee subject to revision is currently set at HK$10,000.

To register your Racing Colours, please complete the Racing Colours Registration Form and return it to the Racing Registry.

Body Pattern
51 body patterns include plain, hoop, sash, lightning bolt, multi diamonds, etc.

Sleeves Pattern
21 sleeves patterns include plain, seams, chevron, etc.

Cap Pattern
17 cap patterns include plain, hoop, hearts, three colours, etc.

23 colours include white, cream, old gold, rose, royal-blue, mauve, etc.

* Please note that the on-screen colour will be slightly deviate from the material used to tailor the racing silk.