Upcoming Events

Family Moment for Owners at Beas River Country Club

In welcome the happy summer, Owners Experience Management Team will be hosting “Family Moments for Owners at Beas River” on 23 July and 24 July.

First Time Owners Dinner

Let’s congratulate the First Time Owners for embarking on the exciting journey of horse ownership! A celebration dinner will be held especially for the First Time Owners on 20 January at Chater Room, Happy Valley Clubhouse. Special guests and Racing Officials will be joining us to share their view and experience in the world of horse racing.

First Time Owners Webinar

Welcome to the exclusive journey of horse ownership! First Time Owners are cordially invited to attend the Webinar specially organized for First Time Owners by the Owners Experience Management Team. We will have Mr. K L Cheng, Head of Dual Site Stables Operations and Owners Services for this session as the host to provide an overview of all the essential information before they proceed to buy their first horses.

2021/2022 Happy Valley Barrier Trials

Owners and their guests are cordially invited to attend the Happy Valley Barrier Trials. The trials in Happy Valley Racecourse are normally held on a monthly basis.