Ownership Journey
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Racing Your Horse

Appoint a Trainer

Owners must complete an "Authority to Act Form" to authorise a trainer:

  • to enter their horses to run in races,
  • to withdraw their horses from races,
  • to declare their horses to start, and
  • to engage jockeys to ride their horses in races

Please visit Trainer Information Page for a list of licensed trainers in Hong Kong.

General responsibilities of a Trainer

Each trainer shall:

  • Conduct his business properly and with due regard to the interest of his owners and is responsible for the good management and training of horses in his charge;
  • Be responsible for all matters pertaining to the running of his stable including stable routine, the well-being and proper feeding and care of the horses in his care, security inside the stable and the work of the stable staff allocated to him;
  • Conduct his business and fulfill his responsibilities in compliance with all directions of his owners and of the Club;
  • As soon as practicable report to a Veterinary Surgeon of the Club any abnormalities, injuries, or sickness to any horse under his care.


  • Trainers must work their horses, which have been declared to start in a race, publicly on the training track (namely, grass tracks, all weather tracks, trotting rings or bridle path) within 7 days prior to its engagement.
  • Owners can watch their horses at the Trainers' Stand during morning Trackwork, Barrier Trials and Stalls Tests. However, Owners must wear their owner badges and obtain visitor badges for accompanying guests from the security post at the track entrance gate.
Trackwork Time
Monday - Sunday 4:45am - 8:45am

Stable Transfer

Owners have the right to transfer their horses from one stable to another at any time (subject to the approval of Chief Stipendiary Steward) by completing a "Request for Stable Transfer form".


Horses must first be "entered" in order to run in a race. Trainers will submit entries before the closing time according to the race conditions for each race meeting.

Entries will normally close at:

Meeting Entries Closing Time
Saturday / Sunday 10:00am on Monday
Wednesday 10:00am on Thursday

In the event that races are re-opened due to insufficient entries, entries for these races will normally close at 11:30 am on the same day.

Click here for the Entries and Handicap List of the upcoming race meeting.


Trainers are required to declare their horses to run, with details of riders and horse gears, at the prescribed time for each race meeting.

Declarations will normally close at:

Meeting Declarations Closing Time
Saturday / Sunday 8:00am on Thursday
Wednesday 8:00am on Monday

Once a horse has been declared, it cannot be withdrawn unless with the approval of Stipendiary Stewards or on veterinary grounds.

Barrier Draw process

Barrier Draw process is one of the major processes in Declarations, which lasts for approximately 10 minutes on every Declarations morning. Owners are most welcome to participate and witness this process which takes place at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters. For enquires, please contact Racing Registry at 2966 8349.

Click here for the Declared Starters list of the upcoming race meeting.


Owners are most welcome to experience the excitement of horse racing at the Owner Facilities which provide a luxurious environment with spectacular views of the excellent racing.

Owners can also join the crowd at the Members' Forecourt to view the races, the winning owners can take photos at the Winning Enclosure with their horse, trainer, jockey and guests.

Prize Money and Bonuses (2023 - 2024 Season)
Classes 1 - 5 Races / Griffins Races Total Prize Money
CLASS 1 (1600m – 2400m) HK$4,075,000
CLASS 1 (1000m – 1400m) HK$3,720,000
CLASS 2 (1600m – 2400m) HK$3,120,000
CLASS 2 (1000m – 1400m) HK$2,840,000
CLASS 3 (1600m – 2400m) HK$2,050,000
CLASS 3 (1000m – 1400m) HK$1,860,000
CLASS 4 HK$1,170,000
CLASS 5 HK$875,000
Group One Races Total Prize Money
LONGINES Hong Kong Cup HK$36,000,000
LONGINES Hong Kong Mile HK$32,000,000
FWD QEII Cup HK$28,000,000
LONGINES Hong Kong Sprint HK$26,000,000
LONGINES Hong Kong Vase HK$24,000,000
Chairman's Sprint Prize @ HK$22,000,000
FWD Champions Mile HK$22,000,000
Stewards' Cup * HK$13,000,000
Citi Hong Kong Gold Cup * HK$13,000,000
Standard Chartered Champions & Chater Cup * HK$13,000,000
Centenary Sprint Cup @ HK$13,000,000
Queen's Silver Jubilee Cup @ HK$13,000,000
Group Two Races Total Prize Money
Chairman's Trophy HK$5,350,000
BOCHK Jockey Club Cup HK$5,350,000
BOCHK Private Wealth Jockey Club Mile HK$5,350,000
BOCHK Private Banking Jockey Club Sprint HK$5,350,000
Premier Bowl HK$5,350,000
Sha Tin Trophy HK$5,350,000
Sprint Cup HK$5,350,000
Group Three Races Total Prize Money
Bauhinia Sprint Trophy HK$4,200,000
Celebration Cup HK$4,200,000
Centenary Vase HK$4,200,000
Chinese Club Challenge Cup HK$4,200,000
January Cup HK$4,200,000
Sa Sa Ladies' Purse HK$4,200,000
Lion Rock Trophy HK$4,200,000
National Day Cup HK$4,200,000
Premier Cup HK$4,200,000
Premier Plate HK$4,200,000
Queen Mother Memorial Cup HK$4,200,000
Sha Tin Vase HK$4,200,000
4-Y-O Classic Series Total Prize Money
BMW Hong Kong Derby 2024 HK$26,000,000
Hong Kong Classic Cup HK$13,000,000
Hong Kong Classic Mile HK$13,000,000
The distribution of Prize Money will be revised as follows:
1st 56% 2nd 21% 3rd 11.5%
4th 6% 5th 3.5% 6th 2%
Special BonusesAmount
* Triple Crown HK$10,000,000
@ Hong Kong Speed Series HK$5,000,000
  DBS x Manulife Million Challenge HK$1,500,000
PP BonusAmount
Any PP that achieves a first win in Class 3 when rated 60 or higher before reaching 5 years of age
(PPs which have won the Class 3 bonus can earn an additional $1,500,000 bonus for a first win in Class 2 or above when rated 80 or higher during the same period. PPs which have won the Class 3 bonus in 2022/2023 season can earn an additional $1,500,000 bonus for a first win in Class 2 or above when rated 80 or higher during the same period.)
Any PP that achieves its first-ever Hong Kong win in Class 2 or above when rated 80 or higher before reaching 5 years of age during the eligible timeframe can earn a bonus
(If a PP that achieves its first-ever Hong Kong win in Class 2 when rated below 80, it will receive a $1,500,000 bonus and remain eligible for a $1,500,000 top up during the relevant timeframe.)
PPG BonusAmount
Any PPG that achieves a first win in Class 2 or above when rated 80 or higher before reaching 5 years of age HK$1,000,000

All horses are eligible for bonus schemes until the end of their 4-year-old year while Northern Hemisphere / South American PPs and PPGs rated 80 or higher remain eligible for a Class 2 or above bonus until 16 July of their 5-year-old season.

ISG BonusAmount
Owners of ISGs that are successful for the first time in Class 3 when rated 60 or higher before the end of their first full season HK$1,000,000
Fees (2023 - 2024 Season)
Entry Fees
CLASS 1 (1600m – 2400m) HK$12,225
CLASS 1 (1000m – 1400m) HK$11,160
CLASS 2 (1600m – 2400m) HK$9,360
CLASS 2 (1000m – 1400m) HK$8,520
CLASS 3 (1600m – 2400m) HK$6,150
CLASS 3 (1000m – 1400m) HK$5,580
CLASS 4 HK$3,510
CLASS 5 HK$2,625
Riding Fees
Jockey (except for Stable Retained Jockey)
(of which HK$1,000 payable to the Club)
HK$2,300 per ride
Stable Retained Jockey Riding for Supporting Owner & Horses trained by other Trainers
(of which HK$1,000 as contribution towards the retainership of the concerned Stable Jockey)
HK$2,300 per ride
Stable Retained Jockey Riding for Non-supporting Owner in the Stable
(of which HK$5,000 as contribution towards the retainership of the concerned Stable Jockey)
HK$6,300 per ride
Apprentice Jockey
(of which HK$600 payable to the Club)
HK$1,250 per ride
Training Fee
Hong Kong Based Racehorse HK$1,000 per horse/month
Conghua Based Racehorse HK$1,600 per horse/month
Livery Charges
Training HK$39,500 per horse/month
Spelling (w.e.f. 1 September 2023) HK$16,480 per horse/month
Contributions to Retired Racehorse Programme
Contributions to Retired Racehorse Programme HK$100,000 per horse
Racing Overseas

In addition to racing in Hong Kong, Owners may compete their horses in prestigious races overseas. The success of Hong Kong horses in overseas ventures reflects great credit on Hong Kong and Hong Kong racing. An Owner who wishes to campaign a horse outside Hong Kong must make an application via their nominated trainer to Racing Registry for approval. The Club will usually look favorably on the application if the horse is to contest in a Group race which is considered to be of sufficient value or prestige. Dual Site Stables Operations Department will work with the trainer in submitting entries, declarations and horse shipment logistics.

Owners shall be responsible for all the expenses for their horses’ overseas trip which are not covered by the hosting country, including but not limited to the following items:

  1. Accommodation, meal and travelling expenses of the Trainer, Jockey, accompanying Veterinary Surgeon, professional groom and stable staff
  2. Declarations fee and other registration fees levied by the hosting country
  3. The usual livery charges in Hong Kong

Under the current policy of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, any prize money won by a horse(s) when racing overseas shall be distributed in such a way that the Trainer, Jockey and Stable Staff will receive no less than their normal entitlement under the Rules of Racing in Hong Kong, i.e.

  Trainer Jockey Stable Staff
Winner 9.2% 10% 10.8%
2nd to 6th place 9.2% 5% 10.8%

In the event that the prize money entitlement under the Rules of Racing in the hosting country for the Trainer, Jockey and Stable Staff is higher than their entitlement in Hong Kong, the Owners have to top up the difference out of their share of prize money.