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Update (as of 4 Mar): Important Information on 2nd Reported COVID-19 Case

Further to our notice yesterday concerning a second Member who tested positive for COVID-19, we have gathered the necessary details of his movement on 23 February based on his utilization and CCTV records, which were further verified by him.

On 23 February, the Member visited the Clubhouse via the car park (Level LG) at 7:37pm and took the lift to the 4th Floor. He then went to the Food Plaza for dinner. His table was near the entrance next to the lift lobby shared with Six Furlong. During the time spent in Food Plaza, the Member visited the Asian/Chinese, Sushi and Western Counters as well as the cashier station near the Coffee Counter between 7:43pm and 7:50pm and the cashier station again at 8:31pm. He also visited the men’s washroom at 8:25pm. At 8:40pm he left Food Plaza and went by the lift to LG and then exited via the car park at 8:44pm. All of the lifts mentioned above are to the left of Reception at the main entrance of the Clubhouse. The Member was wearing a mask until he was seated at the Food Plaza, when he was leaving and during his use of the lifts.

As indicated in the previous notice, prior to his last visit above; the Member had also visited the following areas in chronological order:

14 February for lunch at Derby Bar

15 February for dinner at Food Plaza

18 February for tea at Six Furlong

20 February for lunch Food Plaza

21 February for lunch at Six Furlong

Based on the report of Centre for Health Protection (CHP), the Member concerned was asymptomatic and was sent to the quarantine centre as a close contact of his sister, a confirmed case as disclosed earlier. He attended his daughter’s wedding on 22 February where his sister was also present. The Member was subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

The Club has consulted medical advisories and has been advised that based on the available information, it is highly likely that the Member concerned contracted the disease from this sister on 22 February and hence the risk associated with the Member’s visits prior to 23 February is relatively low. Members who were in close proximity during his visit on 23 February have been contacted and advised to closely monitor their health and seek medical assistance if required. Any Members who are concerned about their proximity to the Member concerned or wishes to obtain more information can call our Hotline at 1812.

Further, staff who had contact with or in close proximity with the Member concerned are undergoing medical examinations which include chest x-rays and swab/saliva tests. As of today, there are no confirmed cases amongst our staff.

As indicated in the notice yesterday, the Club views this case with the utmost seriousness and concern; thereby, deciding to close the entire operation of the Happy Valley Clubhouse from today (4 March) until further assessments can be made on all relevant factors, which include the return of the medical reports of the staff who have undergone the required examinations as well as the situation at large for the COVID-19 outbreak.

To reiterate, the Club’s utmost consideration has always been the health and safety of our Members, guests and staff. The Club’s facilities have always maintained a high level of hygiene, including the personal hygiene of staff as well as high cleaning standards across clubhouse facilities.  For example, every table and locker is cleaned after use with a cloth treated with a chemical sanitizing solution and deep cleaning is carried out at front and back of house every day after operation is closed. Since 26 January, these sanitization measures have been further stepped up in all front and back of the house areas, including air-conditioning and sewage systems. At the gym, there is an attendant to clean constantly during peak periods and disinfecting sprays are also available for Members to clean equipment before and after use. Across the clubhouses, every hour common contact points are sanitized, including handrails, lifts (panels, buttons, rails etc.), door knobs, faucets, water taps, common accessories in changing rooms and more.  Further, all staff are required to wear face masks and report to management if they have fever, malaise, dry cough, shortness of breath or any flu-like symptoms. Members and guests with similar symptoms are also asked to temporarily refrain from visiting Club facilities and seek medical attention. 

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support and understanding throughout this challenging period.

For further enquiries, please write to us at or call 1812 (9am to 6pm).