Fun with Ponies
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Activities and Offers
Surprise from Adopted Ponies

This Season, a series of new activities are prepared for children to interact with their adopted ponies. The ponies are going to give their little riders all sorts of surprises straight to your door!

Pony Activity Kit

Engaging in an array of fun and educational activities through “Pony Activity Kit”, including fun worksheets, DIY packs and many more, children are able to develop their ability of self-learning and tighten the bonds with their adopted ponies.

Pony Mail

Adopted ponies will catch up with the children via “Pony Mail” to share with them anecdotes of their everyday lives at Beas River Country Club and latest updates of the programme.

Pony Party

A family friendly event at Sha Tin Clubhouse (STCH) on a race day where children can indulge in fun and educational pony themed activities, such as workshops, booth games and interactive sessions, while parents can relax and enjoy the races.