Driving and Parking
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Beas River Country Club

Country Clubhouse, Lot 922 in DD94, Sheung Shui, New Territories

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Beas River Country Club

Beas River Country Club Car Park

All days:

  • Car park operating hours: 5:00am to 12:00midnight
  • Members or Supplementary Cardholders with valid RFID car park labels displayed on the windscreen may park their vehicles in the car park, subject to space availability, and for unlimited number of free parking hours.
  • Only one RFID car park label per Membership account can be used to access the Club’s premises at any time.
  • Membership Card cannot be used for admission to the car park.
  • No taxi, public omnibus, public light bus, coach, trailer, goods vehicle or other commercial vehicle is permitted to use the car park, unless permitted by the Stewards or their delegate.
  • No vehicle with any company logo or advertisement is permitted to use the car park, unless permitted by the Stewards or their delegate.
  • No overnight parking is allowed except for Members and Spouse Supplementary Cardholders staying in the Chalets overnight who may park their cars at the designated car park or unless permitted by the Stewards or their delegate.
  • Guest Parking Hours: Operating hours of all days (except on public holidays before 2:00pm).
  • Invited guests, Members or Supplementary Cardholders without a valid RFID car park label will be issued guest parking tickets for parking in a designated zone. Guest parking tickets must be validated at the restaurants and bars / leisure facilities visited or at the Concierge in the presence of the Host Member and based on proof of using Clubhouse facilities. Otherwise, an overtime parking fee of HK$100 per hour and up to HK$500 per visit per day will be charged, which can be settled by Octopus or Credit Card.
  • Parking exceeding eligible parking hours will be charged at HK$100 per hour and up to HK$500 per day.
  • Vehicles parked beyond eligible parking hours or in breach of any parking rules or conditions may be impounded or removed.
  • Prevailing statutory rates will be charged for recovery of vehicles:
    • Impounding Charge: HK$320
    • Removal Charge: HK$350
  • HK$200 will be charged for each lost parking ticket.
  • HK$150 will be charged for each lost RFID car park label.
  • A number of spaces are reserved for Stewards, Voting Members and Club Officials.
  • Disabled parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis to vehicles driven by holders of a Disabled Person's Parking Permit or Parking Certificate for Drivers Who Carry People with Mobility Disabilities issued by the Transport Department in respect of that vehicle and in accordance with the conditions or restrictions of such permit or certificate.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging stations are available at:
    • Garden Chalet Car Park A15 & A16
    • Standard Chalet Car Park B8 & B9
    • New Clubhouse Car Park N7, N8 & N10
  • Use of the EV Charging Station is subject to payment of a fee and on a first-come-first-served basis. Members shall comply with the applicable Guidelines on Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The EV Charging Stations may only be used by Members co-extensively with the use of Club facilities. A valid RFID car park label must be displayed on the windscreen of the registered EV. Each Membership account may use the EV Charging Station for a maximum of 3 hours per day per location. Members are required to activate the EV charger with the Principal Membership Card or the Spouse Supplementary Card when using the EV Charging Station.
  • After successful authentication and use of the charging service, a charging service fee at HK$30 per 30 minutes will be charged to the Membership card account used for activating the EV Charging Station. The Charging Service Fee will stop accumulating once charging is complete or the EV is deactivated from the EV charging station.
  • The charging service fee is calculated in 30-minute intervals and no refund will be made for early deactivation with the 30-minute interval.
  • Unoccupied Electric Vehicle Charging Stations may be released by the Club for parking of non-electric vehicles when the car park is full.
  • The Club will not accept any responsibility for the liability or damage to or loss of any vehicle or property therein, whilst on the premises of the Club.
  • Use of the car park is subject to the Parking and Access Bye-laws as well as any restrictions and conditions of use issued by the Club.