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Stables Café

Coffee • Pastries • Dog-friendly

A casual, dog-friendly café featuring signature coffee and croissants


2966 1334
(Reservations are not accepted)

Opening Hours

Last order: 6:45pm

7:00am – 7:00pm

Who may Use

  • Full Members, Corporate Members and Clubhouse Members only


  • Accompanied guests are welcome

Dress Code

  • Casual
  • For the details of dress code, please click here

Points to Observe

  • All ages are welcome
  • Dogs are only allowed at the Stables Café
  • Principle Cardholders or Spouse Supplementary Cardholders may only bring their dogs to the Stables Café via the designated route(s). Dogs may only stay within the outdoor (patio) area
  • A maximum of two dogs per Membership account will be allowed in the Stables Café at a time
  • Users need to follow other House Rules of Stables Café
  • No more than 11 (dogs) will be allowed at the same time
  • For details, please click here


  • "Fighting Dogs" as classified under the Dangerous Dogs Regulation (Cap. 167D) or dogs taller than 50 cm (measured at the shoulder) are not allowed