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Happy Valley Racecourse
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Happy Valley Racecourse Route Map

Club Buildings

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Other Buildings

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Floor Directory
Happy Valley Racecourse Floor Plan
An Overview
Floor Grandstand Member Stand I Member Stand II Member Stand III Pavilion Stand Happy Valley Stand
9/F         The Racing Club The RHKR (The Volunteers) Association
8/F E808 (DV/PA Control Room) E807 (Press Box) and Commentators Room The Racing Club The Racing Club and MB8 Members Box 8/F  
7/F Provincial OB7 Owners Box 7/F MB7 Members Box 7/F (Winning Post) MB7 Members Box 7/F The Chalk B701 - B704 (Private Boxes)
6/F Silver Lining (HKJC Priority) and Farrier On 6 OB6 Owners Box 6/F E607 - E611 (Stewards Box) D604 - D605 (Y Box) and D603 (Executive Box) C601 - C604 (Seasonal / Private Boxes) Visitors Box
5/F Leading Edge E514 (Voting Members Box) and E513 (Hon Stewards Box) E506 - E511 (Stewards / Hon Stewards Boxes) D505 (Sponsors Box), D504 5/F Box and D503 (Seasonal Box) C501 - C504 (Seasonal / Private Boxes) MB5 Members box 5/F
4/F Wins Cafe(HKJC Priority) and Leading Edge E415 (Jockey Club Box), E414 OB4 Owners Box 4/F and OB3 Owners Box 3/F E409 (The Patron Box), E410 (Stewards Box), E412 (Chairman Box) and E413 (Deputy Chairman Box) The Expert (HKJC Priority) C401 - C404 (Seasonal Boxes) B401 - B404 (Private Boxes)
3/F The Gallery and Inner Circle (HKJC Priority) OB3 Owners Box 3/F MB3 Members Box 3/F (Home Straight) Putonghua VIP Box and The Mastermind (HKJC Priority) Adrenaline The Millions and Stable Bend Terrace
2/F Farrier On 2 & 2/F Terrace OB2 Owners Box 2/F Private Booths & Loges Members/Paper Badge Betting Hall Adrenaline Moon Koon Restaurant and Racing Museum
1/F Farrier On 1 Co-Tack (HKJC Priority) and Members/Paper Badge Betting Hall Owners Pavilion and Members Only Betting Lounge D101 - D104 (Private Boxes)    
G/F The Farrier Members/Paper Badge Betting Hall and Members Badge Office Owners Betting Hall and Weighing Room      
  • During Happy Valley race meetings, Voting Members and Honorary Voting Members, by displaying their parking labels, may park their cars in the basement of the Jockey Club Headquarters Building using the entrance on Wong Nai Chung Road.
  • During Happy Valley race meetings, each of the Owners with table reservations or Owners with starters will be offered one parking space at the basement of the Jockey Club Headquarters Building. To reserve the parking space, simply register the car license number when making table reservations or call 1815 from 9:00am on the declaration day. Car park labels will be offered to Owners on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to space availability.
  • During cross-betting at Happy Valley, Members may access the car park area by displaying their Members' car park labels on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to space availability.

Jockey Club Headquarters Car Park

All days:

  • Car park operation hours are from 7:00am to 12:00midnight.
  • No overnight parking is allowed.
  • Members with valid car park labels may, subject to space availability, park their cars in the Members' car parks.
  • Free parking is limited to 3 hours per day with valid car park label displayed on the windscreen.
  • Regardless of the number of car park labels displayed, only one label shall be recognised for the specified parking privilege.
  • An overtime charge of HK$100 per hour will apply from the fourth hour onwards, with a ceiling of HK$500 per day.
  • Violations of other parking rules shall be subject to a HK$500 fine.


  • Parking facilities are only available to Voting Members and Honorary Voting Members.
  • Owners with starters or Owners with table reservations will be admitted with valid daily car park labels.
  • Members without valid raceday car park labels should leave the car park 2.5 hours before the first race starts.
  • Parking in restricted zones is not allowed.


  • Users of cross-betting facilities are offered free parking from 2.5 hours before the first race until 1.5 hours after the last race.

* Parking restrictions are subject to changes via announcements on notice boards.