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Click on the venues below to enter the 720° Virtual Tours which showcase the unique ambiance of our facilities.

Beas River Country Club Floor Plan Home Paddock Competition Paddock Old Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar Levade Children's Playroom Swimming Pools Horseshoe Grill and Stirrup Bar Arena Room Croquet Lawn Playground For Children Aged 2-5 Playgrounds For Children Aged 5-12 Garden Golf Members' Garden Conference Suite Standard Chalet Beas River Suite Starlit Camp
An Overview
Equestrian Centre Home Paddock and Competition Paddock
Members' Garden Playground (For Children Aged 5-12), Garden Golf and Members' Garden
Dining and Recreation Area The Old Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, LEVADE, Children's Playroom, Horseshoe Grill and Stirrup Bar, Arena Room, Swimming Pools, Exercise Room, Playground (For Children Aged 2-5), Croquet Lawn, Starlit Camp, Beas River Suite, Standard Chalet and Conference Suite