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Only telephone booking is available under special admission arrangement of Racecourses.

Check Your Booking Schedule
Race Meeting:
1st On-Course Booking Date:
Cancellation Cut-Off Date/Time:
On-Course Booking Operation Hours:
From opening time of racecourse to the start of the last race

  • Queuing tickets are issued at the booking counter of the boxes at the opening time of the racecourses. You can obtain a queuing ticket from our staff by presenting your membership card or Member's racing badge in person.
  • If you are not available at the booking counter when your ticket number is called, your ticket number will be put aside. If you still are not available at the booking counter after ten tickets are called, then your ticket will be cancelled. You are required to draw another ticket for queuing.
  • Having a queuing ticket does not guarantee that a table will be allocated for you.
  • On-course table reservations are not available during cross-betting.
  • Options to send SMS or email notifications to a Member's registered mobile phone or email address are available for confirmation and cancellation of a table reservation. In addition, a reminder SMS or email will be sent on the cancellation cut-off date. To protect your booking privacy, you are required to provide your personal details for verification if you request the notification to be sent to a non-registered mobile phone or email address.