Driving and Parking
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Quick Guide to RFID Tag and Parking Label Installation


Thoroughly clean and dry the area(s) of the interior windscreen where you wish to place the RFID tag and parking label. We recommend that both be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the interior windscreen.


To install the RFID tag and parking label, first carefully position the parking label in your desired location and hold it in place. Next, place the RFID tag, facing outward, against the back of the parking label. Once the label and tag are properly aligned, place the larger electrostatic label on top and press firmly, using your fingertips to ensure that there are no air bubbles between it and the windscreen.

* Please note that the parking label illustrated above is for reference only. Your parking label may look slightly different.

Check to make sure you have done the following:

  • Ensured that the vehicle numbers on the small envelopes are correct and the RFID tags have the same tag numbers as printed on the envelopes.
  • Affixed BOTH the RFID tag and parking label onto your vehicle.