Membership Cards and Signing Rights
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Types of Children Card

The Members' Children Identity Card (MCID) is designed for Members' unmarried children of any age up to 21 years old who do not hold a Children Supplementary Card (Supplementary Card). With the MCID, not only can your children participate in the Club's programmes, they can also enjoy the optional benefit of a HK$300 daily spending limit granted by the Principal Member. Initial card issuance is free of charge and there is no annual fee. There are 12 delightful MCID cards to choose from that have been especially designed for children of different age groups.

Points to note or observe:

  1. MCID must be presented when attending the Club's programmes.
  2. A smart wristband loaded with HK$300 will be issued to MCID cardholders upon request when checking in the Club’s programmes.
  3. Except when attending the Club's programmes, MCID cardholders must be accompanied by an adult Member while using the Club's facilities.
  4. MCID is not transferable and shall only be used by the person whose name appears on the card.
  5. An administration fee of HK$50 will be levied for card replacement.
  6. Age policy of respective dining venues and leisure facilities apply. For details, please refer to the Members' Facilities Directory.
  7. MCID is not applicable for Racing Members and Mid-Week Subscribers.
  8. MCID is not a Membership Card and does not confer any membership status or any right of a Supplementary Cardholder on its holders.

How to apply for the MCID:

Members are required to submit the completed Children Card Registration Form along with necessary documents by either one of the following methods. To download the form, please click here.

By Post: Membership Services Department
6/F Jockey Club Headquarters
One Sports Road
Happy Valley
Hong Kong
In Person: Drop off at the Concierge at any of the Clubhouses (in Hong Kong)

For children between 8 and 21 years old, Principal Members may consider the Children Supplementary Card which allows Members’ children to sign bills at the Clubhouses. For details of the Children Supplementary Card, please click here.

Type A: Age 0-7

Type A: Age 8-13

Type A: Age 14-17

Type A: Age 18-21

Type B: Age 0-7

Type B: Age 8-13

Type B: Age 14-17

Type B: Age 18-21

Type C: Age 0-7

Type C: Age 8-13

Type C: Age 14-17

Type C: Age 18-21