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Owners Boxes
1st Telephone Booking Date: 
Cancellation Cut-Off Date/Time: 
OB3 Owners Box 3/F Private Room 4 - Room 5
1st Telephone Booking Date: 
Cancellation Cut-Off Date/Time: 
Telephone Booking Operation Hours:
Please dial 1815

Mondays to Sundays: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Private boxes at the Happy Valley or Sha Tin Racecourse are also available for booking. For details, please dial: 2966 8568 / 2966 5895.

  • A computerised Interactive Voice Response System is used to handle telephone booking. The system puts waiting calls automatically in a queue and answers them in order. This computerised system also records the time and content of each call.
  • If you hear a recorded message which asks you to hold the line, this indicates that your call has been accepted by the system and placed in the queue. Your call would be answered by the next available Service Assistant. If you hang up and call again, your call would have to queue up again. Thus, you are advised not to hang up. Please be reminded that having your call in the queue does not guarantee that a table will be available.
  • If the computerised phone system registers too many calls in the queue, you will hear an engaged tone and you will have to dial again.
  • To be fair to all Members, we will only allocate one table for each phone call. For example, we will not accept one secretary calling to make reservations for several tables on behalf of several bosses.
  • Subject to the availability of tables, additional tables may be arranged for Members who wish to bring more guests to the racecourses. Please call the reservation hotlines after the first telephone booking date.
  • If Typhoon Signal no. 8 and above or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted and then lowered before 12:00, the first telephone booking will be resumed at 14:00. If the signal is lowered after 12:00, the first telephone booking day will resume on the next working day.
  • Membership Services Hotline will be resumed within 2 hours during the operation hours if Typhoon Signal no.8 and above or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is lowered before 15:00.