Fun with Ponies
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Amazing Activities


Make this Sunday extra special as children enjoy a delightful pony ride and join us for an exciting outdoor scavenger hunt at the Members' Garden. Test your response, agility, and determination as you complete all the clues for a fun-filled experience.

Children embrace the joys of riding, discover the wonders of Spring Cherry Blossoms in the Members’ Garden and bask in the pride of their own artistic creations.

Kids not only get to meet and ride their lovely pony companions, but also peek inside ponies’ homes and see behind the scenes of the stable. What’s more, kids will indulge themselves in dose of bouncy fun.

Experience the joy of Chinese New Year at our fun day at The Old Clubhouse Pavilion. Immerse yourself in the excitement of game booths and engaging DIY workshops. Don't miss the opportunity to meet and ride the adorable ponies dressed in their Chinese New Year look. Capture a memorable photo with them and create lasting memories.

Children enjoy a delightful pony ride and join our workshop to learn valuable farming skills. Discover how weather affects vegetables, learn how to identify signs of healthy plants. Get ready to experience the joy of nurturing your own plants!