Fun with Ponies
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Pony Learning Journey

The ‘Fun with Ponies’ programme welcomes all children aged 3 to 12 to adopt their favourite pony and take part in the programme activities.

Upon successful enrollment, children will receive a programme handbook and a welcome gift after attending the first event. We are introducing the Pony Learning Journey this year for all little pony riders to gain knowledge and develop a sense of responsibility in three key topics: “Pony Care”, “Riding Preparations” and “Pony Characteristics” through the amazing activities. Children will receive a stamp each time they attend an activity. Upon collection of 3 different stamps, children will receive a "Pony Expert" certificate at the end of the season. To find out more, please click Journey Schedule and Amazing Activities.


1. This 'Fun with Ponies' programme ('the Programme') is open to registered children of Full Members, Corporate Nominees and Racing Members who have joined the Beas River Concession Scheme only.

2. For safety reasons, pony riders must be aged 3 to 12, at least 85cm in height and weight 110lbs or below.

3. Children who have registered in the Programme 2018/19 will automatically be re-enrolled for the Programme 2019/20 and no separate application is required.